Our proprietary technology is what separates Trading Apps from other software providers in the space. It is the sophistication of our development tools and resources that allows us to rapidly develop applications specifically tailored to your firm’s needs and its underlying architecture. Trading Apps utilises an ultra-thin web browser interface containing powerful business logic complemented by information held in multiple databases and systems. The results include but are certainly not limited to:

  • Rapid, flexible, agile application development capabilities
  • Robust and modern technology
  • Ease of installation (runs on both Windows, and Linux)
  • Seamless integration with multiple databases (Oracle, SQL Server)
  • Easy access to data from multiple sources (i.e., Exchange and External Market Data, Custody Feeds, Bloomberg, Vendor Systems, Data Warehouses)
  • A web service based API which uses JSON and can be utilised by Java, C# and JavaScript applications
  • Convenience of a web browser, but with the functionality more associated with PC applications such as MS Excel

Our Apps provide total flexibility in capacity and feature-set, as scalability is built in from the outset. Our clients are encouraged to expand and test the limits of their business knowing that the applications are constructed and tested to support and sustain exponential growth.

Trading Apps’ solutions are independently defined, hosted and operated by our clients, who can then remain in complete control. It is important for our clients to operate under their own domain, and keep valuable data in house. Our clients define how their valuable data is captured, stored, used, traded and integrated with other offline assets. Our clients determine the business logic, how data is used, how the apps are integrated, what features are utilised, and at what speed they should be delivered. All of this results in an alignment and consequential partnership between Trading Apps and our clients.

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