Competition for new mandates within the securities lending business is as fierce as ever. As a result, it is absolutely paramount that participants in this business have the most accurate, efficient and audit friendly tools to properly price multi-asset, global portfolios. Winning the mandate and maximising the value of the portfolio is equally important as ensuring that you have a well-documented process for how the portfolio evaluation was achieved.

Our portfolio pricing tools are designed to provide a step change in the way your traders and analysts currently manage these processes. The apps allow those involved in the portfolio pricing process to instantaneously value global multi-asset portfolios - using any external, or internal pricing model or data source. The apps maintain a complete historical record of pricing actions and portfolio updates allowing full compliance with internal and external audit procedures.

Our portfolio pricing tools will maximise the profitability of your organisation's existing portfolios and put your team in the best position possible to win new mandates. The speed and intuition of our web-based apps will allow your organisation to decommission the endless number of spreadsheets, macros, and databases involved in managing your portfolio pricing and evaluation process. Your portfolio management staff will not only reduce the amount of time spent on collating information and tracking activities from disparate sources but they will also be in full compliance with both internal and external legislative oversight and retention requirements.

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