The increased cost for institutional lenders to trade means market participants must redefine their models to retain and grow revenues. Many lenders looking to maintain or enhance market share and profitability are finding that technologies supporting integrated pre-trade decision support tools and straight through processing are no longer a luxury, but rather a necessity. It’s clear that those lenders that can quickly adapt and migrate to a more automated way of conducting business should continue to gain a competitive advantage.

Trading Apps believes that the market will continue to rapidly evolve in the way it uses technology and that automation will be at the very forefront of most strategic deployments and conversations. Our suite of Lending Apps is designed to meet the demanding requirements of traders at institutional lenders or broker-dealers engaged in lending activities. The apps utilise our award winning software to transform, automate and optimise intraday activities such as:

  • Broadcasting or disseminating availability to the street through EquiLend NGT or any other viable channels
  • Parsing and funnelling of pre-trade communications into one central and actionable hub
  • Automation of lending through the use of a robust rules engine
  • Manual or straight-through single security or multiple security trade entry
  • Integrated trade maintenance (Recalls, Returns, Re-Rates)
  • Inventory management complete with a 5-day forward settlement ladder
  • Robust pricing engine that incorporates internal and external market data
  • Powerful charting, reporting, and alert capabilities

The Apps contain process automation where desirable - and support manual intervention where necessary. And perhaps the greatest feature is the ease by which they can be seamlessly connected to the most widely used execution platforms in today’s market place. Our modular approach provides our clients with tremendous flexibility and our integration capabilities ensure that our clients receive a fully-formed, tightly coupled trading solution that can be infinitely configured.

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