Traders in the securities finance business are becoming more demanding, expecting instant access to their data, from anywhere in the world. In this age of big data, it's highly inefficient for traders to have to access multiple systems, spreadsheets or access databases to view and analyse their trading book and the markets they trade. What they are increasingly demanding is a one-stop-shop approach, where data is mined and collated, and then displayed at their fingertips within a single system with a highly robust, flexible and intuitive interface.

Our suite of Business Analytics Tools efficiently gathers, analyses, and interprets large sums of data from a vast array of underlying sources. Our apps put the power of data at the fingertips of the trader, with fast, flexible and intuitive browsers that provide them with the actionable information needed to make the timeliest and most profitable trading decisions. The compelling ecosystem provided by our bespoke browser-based analysers combine all the functionality of query, reporting, scheduling and analytical processing tools into a single solution.

Your global trading team will be as informed and efficient as possible. Users can stay abreast of price dislocations by monitoring the latest benchmark rates, drill down into and analyse pricing fluctuations at the security level, and monitor and view executed trades. In short, our on demand business analytics will focus your traders’ minds on new opportunities, rather than drowning them in a sea of mismatched and disparate data.

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