Generating a solid return on equity, optimising profitability, and reducing capital consumption are just a handful of the challenges facing traders at Prime Brokerage and Broker-Dealer firms. Trading Apps believes that automation will be at the very forefront of most strategic deployments and have developed apps to cover the full trade life cycle that provide traders with the tools to make informed decisions pre and post trade.

By providing borrowers with everything they need to handle mass transactions, Trading Apps is revolutionising the way a borrower interacts with their clients and lenders alike, and can help to optimise securities finance activities across trading desks, regions and business lines.

Utilising our award winning software, we have developed a suite of apps to meet the demanding requirements of traders at institutional borrowers to provide the following in terms of features and benefits:

  • Centralisation of inventory in one convenient location
  • Efficient process for managing and automating the daily locate process
  • Consumption of internal and external availability
  • Exposure calculations
  • Management of collateral eligibility
  • Determining and considering the cost to trade
  • Parsing and centralisation of all inbound borrow and loan requests into one actionable screen
  • Full compatibility with EquiLend NGT and seamless connectivity to all relevant trade execution platforms

In summary, our suite of apps for the institutional borrower provide numerous process efficiencies and automation allowing the trader to focus on the higher-margin activities.

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