The Trade App is a fast and intuitive solution that facilitates all the daily needs from a trade entry, capture, maintenance, and analysis perspective.

Trade Entry - Allows for single or multiple security trade entry and contains adaptive logic that learns an individual trader’s behaviour (e.g. counterparts, most active securities, etc.). Traders can book hundreds of trades using minimal key strokes or utilise copy and paste functionality. The App is highly customisable allowing traders to configure multiple layouts and enrich each layout with security level and pricing data sourced internally, externally or through the Benchmark App.

Trade Blotter - Centralised view of all open trades in a highly flexible and customisable user interface. Filter, sort, and arrange the data in an unlimited number of ways. Create, save and export custom layouts utilising a library of over 500 unique data fields. Utilise the scheduling capabilities of the ‘Exporter’ to create and automatically distribute daily trade reports. Generate summary trade statistics coupled with robust graphics to build board level reports. Utilise the robust library of Gadgets.

Trade Analyser – The award winning Trade Analyser is a powerful tool sitting on top of all your trade related data. A pivot table on steroids, the Trade Analyser allows the user to group data by any number of characteristics (e.g. region, asset class, specialness level, sector, etc.). Layer the data up to 3 levels creating custom drill through capabilities. Arrange and stack the presentation of the data in the most efficient manner possible.

Trade Maintenance - Facilitates returns, recalls, rate changes, trade modifications, linking, and converting to all-ins. The App comes equipped with all of the powerful filtering, sorting and querying capabilities of all of the other trade related Apps. Book hundreds of returns and rate change the entire book in seconds. Utilise the vast array of data fields and the export capabilities to create and automatically disseminate critical trade maintenance reports.

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