Trading Apps' award winning Trade Analyser is a powerful tool sitting on top of all your trade related data. This compelling ecosystem combines all the functionality of query, reporting, scheduling and analytical processing tools into a single solution. A pivot table on steroids, the Trade Analyser allows the user to instantly group data by any number of characteristics (e.g., region, asset class, specialness level, and sector) without the use of MS Excel spreadsheets. Arrange enormous amounts of trade data in the most efficient manner possible. Users can create bespoke drill through sequences allowing the user to analyse the book at a macro level and drive into the underlying trade details.

With the help of the Trade Analyser your global trading team will be as informed and efficient as possible.

In short, the powerful Trade Analyser will focus your traders’ minds on new opportunities, rather than drowning them in a sea of mismatched and disparate data.

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