The Locates Provider App is a flexible and robust solution that streamlines and automates the daily locate process for broker-dealers. All locate requests sourced from Bloomberg, Email, Phone, FTP, Web Services and the Trading Apps Client App are parsed and channelled into one central location.

The Locates Provider App contains a robust rules engine that allows the end user to set the desired level of automation for responses. Locates can be automatically approved versus availability based on criteria such as the client’s ranking or the specialness of the security or flagged for manual approval by a trader. Availabilities (sourced externally and internally) are decremented by the locate amount approved and locates are held for 24 hrs.

The App keeps a history of all locate requests (complete with unique Locate IDs) received and approved and provides a suite of audit quality reports. The App communicates directly with the Client App which can be used remotely by clients to request locates and view approvals.

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