The Lender App utilises robust scraping technology to streamline borrow requests from multiple channels (Email, Bloomberg, FTP, EquiLend NGT, etc.) and presents them in a simple, concise and intelligently consolidated representation of the market allowing the trader to react quickly using the best possible information. Each borrow request is validated against a robust and customisable rules engine.

Traders can set their desired level of trade automation (e.g. automate all GC and warm loans and manually trade specials). Responses to the street will go back in the same manner they were received. The Lender App communicates directly to your core systems analysing details such as availability, counterparty credit limits, and relevant market data prices so that at the point of trade the recommended lending quantity and the indicative lending rate is proposed to the trader.

The Lender App can be linked directly to the Inventory, Benchmark and Trade Apps for the most efficient workflow possible. A historical record is kept of all borrow requests facilitating analysis with regards to fill ratios, supply gaps, rate inefficiencies or to monitor a specific borrower’s activity. In summary, the speed and automation that the Lender App provides will result in higher lending volumes, faster response times, and ultimately greater revenue generation.

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