The Inventory Management App serves as the hub of your securities finance business. The App provides a customisable real-time, multi-entity browser that provides the desk with a centralised view of the entire trading book. Positions can be loaded from multiple sources including internal trading books and external availability feeds to create a complete inventory view.

The App illustrates the forward looking finance requirements for both long and short positions on a T+5 forward ladder. The source of the position is easily identified with drill through capabilities to the underlying business stream, account, book or trader.

The App comes fit with a powerful browser based-data analyser that combines all the functionality of query, reporting, scheduling and analytical processing tools into a single solution. The Inventory Management App can be dynamically linked to the Borrower, Lender, and Trade Apps to facilitate real-time trading with the street. Cover your shorts and lend your longs within seconds and from one powerful trading interface.

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