The EquiLend Gateway App serves as the digital highway between your securities lending business and the EquiLend community. The EquiLend Gateway provides direct connectivity to one of the largest trading networks in the securities lending business without having to conduct the extensive IT build. The EquiLend Gateway App is compatible with both version 2 and version 3 autoborrow messages. It provides processing for all of EquiLend’s post trade files (e.g. Marks, Contract Compare, Returns, Billing, One-File, etc.) and offers enhanced support for EquiLend token management.

The EquiLend Gateway can be seamlessly integrated with your front-end trading platform resulting in straight through processing and the most efficient EquiLend workflow possible. Disseminate real-time targeted availability and automatically respond to EquiLend AutoBorrow or autoloan MQ messages.

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