The Borrower App transforms the process of finding best offers for borrow and locate requests. It offers unique workflow automation to the trading desk, managing simultaneous requests across all of your channels including EquiLend NGT, Email or Bloomberg. The App hides all of the complexity of these channels and presents a simple, concise and intelligently consolidated representation of the market allowing the trader to react quickly using the best possible information.

To support an efficient and informed negotiation process the App uses our configurable rates engine (Benchmark App) to both propose rates and validate offered rates. Balance allocation is taken care of as standard with chaining functionality and flexible, client-specific algorithms.

The Borrower App comes complete with standard integration into all of the commonly used front-office tools to deliver true straight-through processing, reducing error rates and helping to deliver a more responsive and valuable service to your clients. The Borrower App makes your trading desk smarter, faster and more competitive.

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