The Benchmark App can serve as your complete pricing engine. The App provides a robust pricing engine along with configurable rule sets, allowing each individual user to determine the algorithm to be applied at a market, asset type, sector or security level. The Benchmark App accommodates the loading of data files from all external (e.g., Markit, DataLend and Astec) and internal sources allowing the user to truly configure their very own benchmark or indicative lending/borrowing rate.

The Benchmark App can facilitate the categorising of all securities based on their degree of specialness making it easy to facilitate trade automation or quickly check the degree of specialness prior to trading a security. The App Links to the Trade, Lender, Inventory, and Borrower Apps and serves as the indicative price when automating trade flow. Full transparency is provided to the underlying data points and market data files and the Benchmark App itself can serve as an enhancement mechanism to a security master.

The Benchmark App is perhaps the most critical component on the path to full trade automation. Ensuring that the indicative price is an accurate reflection of the market is key to enhancing your firm’s securities lending revenue.

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