Innovative, award-winning securities finance software

A Suite of Apps to revolutionise your business.

At Trading Apps, we have recognised the tangible value that speed, automation and efficiency can provide to a securities finance business since our foundation in 2011. Since then, we have developed targeted applications that continue to raise the bar regarding trade and process automation, transparency, revenue optimisation and risk mitigation.

In 2016 and 2017 Trading Apps was voted the Best Software Solutions Provider in the market - an award granted in recognition of outstanding success in the development of “New and Innovative” technologies. We continue to challenge ourselves to develop targeted solutions that have an immediate and profound impact on the bottom line.

Using our proprietary technology, we have developed an entire suite of front and middle-office applications that can work together, or independently, enabling our clients to truly customise their own solution. We have demonstrated our Flexibility by connecting our apps to numerous underlying and market-wide execution platforms; our Speed by implementing at a market-leading rate; and our Sophistication by designing a workflow that has provided our clients with a transformational experience, and a competitive advantage in all aspects of their securities finance business.

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