The Portfolio Evaluator App is a consolidated, multi-asset and cross-currency portfolio pricing tool. The securities lending value of any given portfolio can be calculated instantaneously using any internal or external data source (e.g. Markit, DataLend, Astec). A core feature of the App is its data validation capabilities which performs a real-time reconciliation of every uploaded security versus a security database and displays any exceptions and offers alternatives for traders to action.

All priced portfolios are stored for immediate reference or when re-pricing is required. All manual actions undertaken are appropriately logged resulting in a complete audit trail for the portfolio. In addition to performing portfolio evaluations, the App contains a portfolio monitoring component that performs a daily comparison between the composition of the winning portfolio versus the actual portfolio holding file that is received.

Our portfolio pricing tools will maximise the profitability of your organisation's existing portfolios, and put your team in the best position possible to win new mandates. The speed and intuition of our web-based apps will allow your organisation to decommission the endless number of spreadsheets, macros and databases involved in managing your portfolio pricing and evaluation process. Your portfolio management staff will not only reduce the amount of time spent on collating information and tracking activities from disparate sources but they will also be in full compliance with both internal and external legislative oversight and retention requirements.

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