Inventory App

The Inventory App provides a real-time, multi-entity browser that illustrates the forward looking long and shorts of all securities and highlights recall requirements; additional lending opportunities, and other information based on the users custom search criteria.

The flexibility of our App allows the user to filter by entity, security currency, security type, client etc., and to narrow the focus on the section of the lending book that is relevant to their responsibilities.

If a user has identified a specific security that is of concern, the Inventory App allows the user to drill down to the underlying trade details that make up the net position.

Key Features

  • A multi-entity, multi-asset class forward looking funding ladder
  • A fully customizable App that lets the user choose the view of the types of Assets, Country, Exchanges, or types of positions (ex. Longs only)
  • The ability to review your global funding requirements and excess positions in a single site, real time
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  • Social Media
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